Contract Manufacturing

29 years of excellence and experience in consumer healthcare segment

state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

premium quality products

innovative natural solutions

creating added value for partners worldwide

full service that meets your needs

Our Services

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility

  • designed following the highest standards in pharmaceutical industry
  • developed in accordance with cGMP and ISO 14644 standards
  • EU location

Customer Service

  • single dedicated contact
  • experienced and motivated professionals
  • expert guidance from the first contact to project finalization

Research And Development

  • highly skilled professionals with years of expertise in product development
  • following the latest trends and innovations
  • standard formulations
  • tailor-made solutions according to specific requirements

Quality Assurance

  • in accordance with cGMP, GDP, HACCP and ISO 22000 standards
  • raw material and finished product quality controls

Regulatory Support

  • dedicated regulatory team of highly skilled and experienced
  • professionals, supplies partners with regulatory dossiers and other necessary documentation
  • available for assistance in product registration

Stability Monitoring

  • according to ICH guidelines
  • accelerated and real-time stability testing

Logistic Support

  • advanced supply chain and high-capacity warehouse
  • approved according to GDP and HACCP standards
  • fast delivery
  • flexibility

Manufacturing Capabilities

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